Video / The years of lead memory – HRNC draws a positive assessment of its cooperation with Morocco’s national archives

On the occasion of the world archives day, commemorated on June 9, and in implementation of the Equity and Reconciliation Authority related to conservation of national archives, president of the HRNC, Mrs. Amina Bouayach has drawn a working assessment of the council for 2023, according to a communiqué issued by the council.

HRNC has listed 23.000 arbitrations in 167 files, including 5.749 decisions from the independent body of arbitration and compensation, and 17.611 decisions from Equity and Reconciliation Authority and its follow-up committee. Other digital copies of 267 files were added for the first time to Morocco’s archives.

Easy access to information/database and statistics

On the same occasion, a digital database was presented which brings together filed information, data and documents on victims’ files and so makes easier access to information/database and statistics.

“By this initiative, we have achieved an important progress to safeguard data and victims’ files of that period, and also database documentation and decisions implementing recommendations of transitional justice in Morocco”, has said Mrs. Bouayach.

“Within the framework of an agreement between both institutions, we are going to submit to Morocco’s archives the files which were not received before. The goal is to preserve the files of Moroccans victims of human rights violations,” has added HRNC president.

On the other hand, the council has presented bio-data collected from detention victims and victims of forced disappearance, and all bio-data background related to violations of the past period. In that way, 158 titles have been published between 1969 and 2023; each one bears the title, the author’s name, year of publication and publishing house, language of the publication country and translation, as well as type and cover of the book. The goal is to make easier for researchers and historians access to those information sources for the sake of making better use and better reading of our contemporary history”, has underlined the HRNC communiqué.

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