Video / International Book Fair (SIEL): HRNC organizes a debate about « assessment of public policies »

The Human Rights National Council stand at the 28th edition of the International book fair (SIEL), devoted its debate session of last Monday to the topic “Assessment of public policies as an efficient leverage for human rights”

Mr. Mounir Bernsalah, HRNC secretary General, who was the debate moderator has stated to that: “HRNC has worked since this mandate on the assessment of public policies from the point of view of human rights, and how this assessment could contribute to the improving of human rights situation, but also to the fact that everybody should benefit and should have access to human rights and freedoms in Morocco”.

Mr. Lahcen Oulhaj, professor of economics, has also underlined that: “assessment of public policies comes within the framework of required transparency, of the assessment between goals and outcome of each political action, which needs to invite civil society NGOs to be associated with the concept and achievement of public actions”.

“Implosions” is an authentic and moving testimony

HRNC stand has presented the book by its Lebanese author Hyam Yared entitled “Implosions”, which is an autobiographic fiction narrating and depicting her country, its corruption, successive wars and the political collapse of a nation. Lebanese author reports in her book a moving and authentic testimony.

The story begins at the moment the unfortunate explosion of the Beirut seaport occurred last August 4, 2020; the author has announced that: “I am telling this tragedy through the story of a couple, which has lost intimate landmarks, suffers a breakdown and sees a therapist at 18:00; at 18:07 everybody finds itself with four legs at the moment of the explosion”.

Noting that “from that moment, there is full reflection on how we could create a daily intimacy, how we could think about the political future of a country, and how around a couple intimacy, everything collapses and that there is no therapy since that therapy finds itself also with four legs”.

It’s worth mentioning that HRNC President Mrs. Amina Bouayach took part in this attractive debate.

“Media education”

The HRNC stand has invited Director of ISIC, Mr. Abdellatif Bensfia, who has presented his new book entitled “Media education, contexts and stakes”

In his statement, Mr. Bensfia has declared that “this book represents for me an academic contribution to be at the availability of my country; it’s a means to say that today we have to think about new approaches to develop media practices in Morocco, and they should absolutely be transverse approaches of which media education will be an integral part”; adding that: “Today all over the world, media education theme represents an uttermost importance because young learners have the right and the need to get access to mass media means and therefore contribute to public debate and democratic participation with civism”.

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