Amina Bouayach : «Countries of the South are the initiators of debate and negotiations in human rights elaboration”

President of the HRNC, Mrs. Amina Bouayach has stated that “countries of the South are the initiators of debate and negotiations in human rights elaboration”, in a debate hosted by the HRNC stand at the International Book Fair 28th edition last Saturday.

The HRNC stand has organized during its ninth day of activities, a debate under the topic “what role countries of the South play in the elaboration and adoption of a deal related to third generation of human rights (development, environment and solidarity)?”

On that occasion, Mrs. Bouayach has declared to Article19 mic. that “First, countries of the South do not suffer the effect of human rights, but they are actors of human rights, they are initiators of several patterns of human rights; second, they are beneficiary of those human rights principles”.

HRNC president has also reminded that “countries of the South bring an important contribution to a certain number of new questions related to human rights, such as the right to development, the right to environment and to the question of enterprises and human rights”.

“Sister Deborah”

The HRNC stand has invited novelist originally from Rwanda, Mrs. Scholarstique Mukasonga, who has presented her novel entitled “Sister Deborah”.

The book tells the fascinating story which takes place back in 1930, where East Africa sees a large movement of conversion to Christianity (proselytizing).

Sister Deborah, prophetess and miracle-maker, “inspires from all that exists in Rwanda, and at the same time, perpetuates the powerful woman and the powerful spirit”, has underlined Scholarstique Mukasonga.

Novelist Mukasonga Added that: “My character is a pioneer of feminist movement, since Sister Deborah in the book is concerned with and preaches women liberation, and proclaims that the Messiah will be a black lady who will be coming to free black women from all fatigue duty and from daily submission”.

“Abortion 453. A life struggle”

The HRNC stand has also invited Dr. Chafik Chraibi, who has presented his book “Abortion 453. The fight of a life” co-authored with Mrs. Karima Echcherki”.

Dr. Chraibi has stated that “453, is because I am working on article 453 of the penal code, which is the only article that gives the possibility and does not punish abortion, since all other articles of the 449 and 457 codes do punish it”.

It’s worth noting that article 453 stipulates that “Abortion is not punished when it constitutes a necessary measure to safeguard mother’s life and when it is not practiced overtly by a doctor or surgeon with the permission of the partner. If the practitioner estimates that the mother’s life is at risk, that permission is not required”.

Dr. Chraibi has underlined that: “the struggle for abortion legalization in Morocco is for the sake of preserving women’s health, since that all those who will undergo non-medical abortion outside medicine rules, are abortions with high risks and highly-risked clandestine practices”.

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