The HRNC stand ended its activities with a debate on «Perspectives of the family status reform »

The Human Rights National Council stand ended last Sunday, June 11, 2023, its last day of activities programed at the International Book Fair 28th edition with a debate on “Perspectives of the family status reform”.

Mrs. Malika Benradi, professor emeritus at the judicial, economic and social sciences faculty Agdal-Rabat, has declared to mic. that: “His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s last speech on the occasion of the Throne Feast, has acknowledged that family status at its implementation level has demonstrated its limits, its shortcomings and even its contradictions”.

Professor Benradi has reminded that “Morocco adopted in 2011 a constitution, which for the first time in the Kingdom’s history has devoted the equality principle men-women in all rights, including civic rights (article 19), and has also devoted non-discriminatory principle based on gender and holds back gender as the first criteria of discrimination, and consecrates international pattern primacy on internal pattern”.

Politics and fiction, mix-up offered to Professor Abdelhay Moudden

The HRNC stand has also organized the presentation and signing of the book “Politics and Fiction, mix-up offered to Abdelhay Moudden”, a ceremony attended by his coordinators Driss Ksikess and Ahmed Bouhsane.

This book, which celebrates Mr. Abdelhay Moudden, university professor in Morocco and in the U.S., and former member of the Equity and Reconciliation Authority, is a mix-up tributes offered to professor Moudden’s rich academic experience.

Driss Ksikess, coordinator of this book has stated: “For Abdelhay Moudden, we have considered that politics and fiction are two major fields he has worked on in addition to human rights issue, social movements, state violence and political economy”.

Driss Ksikess, a Moroccan writer, playwright and researcher has underlined that “this work, which has taken three years, consists of 31 articles in three languages: Arabic, English and French”.

Closing ceremony

To end those ten days of its activities, the HRNC stand has planned a cultural and artistic program with a play staged by children then a musical show “Jazz’Amazigh” by Meryem Assid.

Meryem Assid, journalist, graduate of ISIC, and Amazigh singer has affirmed that “It’s a big joy to sing in the name of human rights”.

King’s advisor, Mr. André Azoulay, who was among the audience, has declared that: “It was a moment of great art and great emotion for all of us. It is a very beautiful initiative, well-done HRNC”.

HRNC president Mrs. Amina Bouayach has ended that day stating that: “The HRNC stand has succeeded in creating a space for debate, in its participating but also in elaborating many ideas through debates and books presentations. The stand has been fully, 100% respectful of accessibility for personal in handicapped situation, including sign language”.

Mrs. Bouayach Added that: “In addition to effective presence of visitors to the HRNC stand at the book fair, live broadcast shared on Facebook has attracted more than 290.000 persons, an increase by 700% in comparison with last year”.

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