Video – “The right to social protection and to guaranties for a decent living” At the core of the HRNC stand debate

The HRNC stand activities on the sixth day of the International Book Fair 28th edition, was devoted to debate the topic “the right to social protection and guaranties for a decent living”.

On this occasion, Mr. Jamal Rhmani, former Minister of Labor and Training and expert in social protection, has declared to mic. that: “We have discussed governance, financing, and other interesting topics during this debate about social protection, as a reform of labor code, retirement system in Morocco and handicapped persons’ rights”.

From his side, Jaafar Haekel, Professor of medicine and PhD in economics, who has participated in the debate, has underlined about social protection at the health level that: “The idea is to say how the right to health can be concretized in the field and how the right to health in the process of public or private health sectors can be achieved thanks to a universal sanitary coverage”.

“Rural/upcountry Morocco”

In the sequence “Discussion around a book”, the HRNC stand has invited anthropologist and university professor Mr. Hassan Rachik, who has presented his latest book entitled “Rural Morocco, socio-anthropologic dictionary”. Tis socio-anthropologic dictionary is devoted to rural Morocco and presents to its readers many articles about basic knowledge a person should learn about rural Morocco

In a statement, Mr. Hassan Rachik has affirmed that “I have evoked a hundred keywords, vernacular terms, that is to say local words such as “Baraka”, “Douar”, and “Cheikh”, where there are concepts of social sciences like collective, social structure, sacred , religion and magic”.

Adding that: “I have emphasized on complementarity between two types of concepts , hoping that the person who will read “Ziyara” (pilgrimage), “Baraka”, and “Aguourram ( breast in Berber), will be a little bit curious to go and read the concept of “holiness” and “sacredness”, since they are abstract concept which establish links with things”.


To close this day session, the HRNC stand has invited poet and novelist Mr. Mohamed Niima Birouk to present his novel “Couloumina” published in 2017.

Mr. Niima, originally from Guelmim has said:” A social novel which tells the story of a neighborhood through which Hassaniya community was incarnated, and which passes through rural to urban through this Spanish settlement; the fact which has triggered a multitude of paradoxes”.

As a consequence, the author has stated: “there are several constraints due to the absence of a tribe which has previously sponsored citizens in terms of their survival means or in certain events such marriage, where the tribe takes care of women and men. Today, joblessness and clandestine immigration have become normal”.

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