Set up by Tanger Med, a 3rd campus of the 1337 school welcomes its first class of students

After it has welcomed more than 300 candidates and two pools, the third 1337 campus set up by Tanger Med Group in partnership with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), school 42 opened its doors on September 28, 2022.

The campus 1337 first class includes 200 students and comes in the context of enlargement of the school network to make easier the access of a bigger number of young students to be trained in computer sciences development.

1337 campus Med contributes to build a platform of excellence in the North, attracting young skilled from all over the country while helping their employability in the era of a more digitized economy.

 Strong with the success of two 1337 campuses, one in Khouribga, the other one in Ben Guerir, Tanger Med Group has founded a third campus called 1337 Med in partnership with UM6P and school 42.

The campus opened last March, by organizing two “pools”, an ultimate phase ahead of admission to 1337. More than 300 candidates have presented to pass a series of practical tests extended over a month without interruption. This crucial phase has helped to identify more motivated candidates by confirming their aptitude for computer sciences development. That was a real human experience, which has also helped reveal their interest for the school unique pedagogy. In the aftermath of those tests, more than 200 candidates were selected and then make up the first class of 1337 campus Med.

The 1337 third campus is one hour off Tangier and close to Cabo Negro, extends over 2000 sqm surface and is made up of several collaborative, modular and imbedded in geek culture, plus 12 sqm of sports fields and infrastructure.

It is equipped with 201 last generation iMAC, connected to dedicated line as well stock servers with great capacity and advanced technology, the campus does not host any professor or any book. Pedagogy at school is mainly based on three major pillars: “Peer Learning”, a process that focuses on learning between pairs and collective intelligence; “Gamification”; which relies on video-like game with access to higher levels at every acquired skill; and finally “temporal streamlining” letting each student have the possibility to advance according to his/her pace in an individual and autonomous manner.

In a permanent quest to improve employability, essentially active young students, 1337 MED will participate in aligning digital skills required by job market and real availability of those skills inside Morocco’s second economic pole. 1337 MED campus is located in the heart of a rich industrial ecosystem with strong stakes of digital transformation. Many national and international businesses have already visited the campus since its opening confirming their own interest in digital skills developed by students.

About Tanger Med

Tanger Med operates and develops seaports platforms, logistics and industries; It manages Tanger Med, 1st port in the Mediterranean and Africa. Through its reference participation in “Marsa Maroc”, it is also implicated in the operations of 9 other ports of the Kingdom. The overall volume treated by the group is at MAD 138 million tons of goods and 8.1 EVP containers. The group has also rehabilitated more than 2000 Ha of economic activities zones which receive more than 1101 enterprises and almost 95.000 jobs in the sectors of automotive industry, aeronautics, textiles; agribusiness and logistics.

Through Tanger Med Foundation, for human development, recognized of public utility, the group deploys each year many programs at the area level, notably on education, training and professional insertion. In 2021, more than 54 projects have been undertaken by the Foundation in favor of almost 40000 beneficiaries.

About 1337 & 42

1337 is member of the international network 42. All campuses are partners of the network and so training in computer sciences are entirely free of charge, open to everybody, without any condition of certificates and are accessible to students of 18 years. 42 Pedagogy is based mainly on peer-learning, a participative functioning, without courses, without teachers, and which enables students to liberate all kinds of their activities thanks to acquisition by projects. 42 with its first campus in Paris was established in 2013 when digital industry in France suffered an important shortage of computer sciences developers. To train, in great number, the best talented of tomorrow, whatever their origin, 42 has developed and extends itself in networks of partners campuses at the international level: Germany, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, UAE, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, and Turkey.

42 school has become today an international reference for students and enterprises alike. Since its being rewarded as the best school for computer programming in the world according to CodingGame ranking, it has trained thousands of professionals, to contribute to meet the shortage of digital talented and respond to economic and technological mutations, thanks to the quality of its unanimously recognized education.

42 is also an innovative social laboratory engaged in the construction of tomorrow’s society, a more inclusive society, caring and supportive. It is in that sense that the campus international network partner of 42 was initiated over the 5 continents and with almost 12000 students across the world. The goal is to build a large network of partner campus all over the world, reunited by a same ambition: “To make of the digital an opportunity for all”, in a plural context, multicultural and diversified, 42 contributes to the development of a world open and ethic, without discrimination, no borders in terms of generations, culture or geography.

About Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation and is turned towards Africa, and it is ambitious to be among worldwide recognized universities in those fields.


Engaged in both economic and human development, the university puts research and innovation at the service of the African continent development. This position enables it to consolidate Morocco’s pioneering position in those fields; and that is through the implementation of a partnership and unique approach, in addition to reinforcement of training  offer in pertinent skills for Africa’s future.

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is multisite university with various thematic sites to bring pertinent solutions to local problematic issues. Its principal campus is located in the heart of Mohammed VI Green City in Ben Guerir, 50 km far from Marrakech.

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