Videos – Morocco’s National Human Rights Council signs a partnership convention with journalism Institute ISIC

Morocco’s National Human Rights Council signed on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at the International book fair 27thsession, a partnership convention with Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC) for the promotion of human rights.

​The partnership convention was signed by Mr. MounirBensalah, the National Human Rights Council Secretary General and Mr. Abdellah Bensfia, Director of ISIC.

​On this occasion, Mr. Bensfia has underlined in an exclusive statement to that «the idea is to make of this convention a partnership of quality that would allow the establishment of a training program in terms of human rights as a major course for journalists training and for media professionals in Morocco”.

​In the same context, Mr. Bensfia has stressed that “It is inconceivable and inconsistent to our principles to maintain today a kind of training for journalists that does not include rights or an approach which would value human being”.

+ Digital citizenship and human rights +

Following the signing of the convention, a debate was ignited under the topic “Digital citizenship and human rights” where notion of citizenship, like other notions, was redefined within digital framework and its impact on human rights in the Moroccan context.

This dialogue dedicated to digital citizenship was debated by Mrs. Ikrame Belabbes, responsible for market observatory at the National Agency for Regularization of Telecommunication, and Mr. Abdessamad Moutei, professor at ISIC.

Mrs. Belabbes has made a statement saying that “this debate has shed light on the importance of Internet and information technologies for citizens to have access to information and store digital data, to protect risks of cyber security and rights expression on digital platforms and social networks”.

Topic of digital citizenship is an urgent theme of current events according to Mrs. Belabbes, knowing that in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic, “there was a great awareness for digitization in Morocco”.

+ “ A confession of a judge” +

As for literary side, the Council stand has proposed to analyze a literary book by Mr. Rachid El Manjri, member of the Magistrates club in Morocco entitled “ A confession of judge”.

Mr. Rachid El Manjri tells in his book the story of a child who sneaks to attend trial processions in courts. He observes the trial and asks constantly the question “why do they delay to get out of the room after they finish court hearings .. This is before he has understood later on.

It’s worth noting that Mr. El Manjri has refused to classify his book under autobiography; “I am telling what I have seen and have lived, this literary narrative relates events which have affected my life experience, with a simple language, classical and in a mix of Arabic and Moroccan dialect to make easier its reading”, has affirmed in an interview.

+ Sound of Berberia +

​The Council stand has proposed the showing of a movie “Sound of Berberia” produced by filmmaker Tarek El Idrissi who has launched a crowd funding campaign to fund his movie, a first of its kind in Morocco.

​“This is the fruit of an idea which I have developed since 15 years. With my cousin, we dreamed of taking our camerasand travelled across Africa; however, because of ethnic and religious conflicts and because of Arab Spring repercussions, the trip across certain African regions has become too risky”, has explained Mr. El Idrissi in a statement.

The filmmaker presents through “Sound of Berberia” two musicians who have travelled across all North Africa looking for a real Berber sound, overcoming all obstacles to even risking their lives.

As a reminder the fiction movie’s release is expected for the end of this year.

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