Kiosk – Appointment of Staffan de Mistura: The Algerian Chutzpah (MWN)


By Lahcen Haddad

As a reaction to the appointment of Staffan de Mistura, as envoy of the UN Secretary General to Western Sahara, Algeria requests, through the spokesperson of the Department of Foreign Affairs, the demilitarization of the Guergarat zone, which he calls “the cornerstone of any credible political process aimed at finding a peaceful solution to the conflict,” according to an October 7 article by Algerian outlet TSA. Simply ! Unabashedly! As if nothing has happened!

As if the elements of the Polisario had not occupied, under the benevolent eye of Algiers, the demilitarized zone of Guergarat, and had not blocked the delivery of food to West Africa, thus causing a shortage in poor countries already plagued by drought and pandemic!

As if the Polisario had not violated, in collusion with its sponsors in Algiers, international law and international conventions by blocking the free movement of goods and people moving through this nerve strategic passage point between Europe and Africa!

As if the Polisario had not terrorized the poor drivers of civilian trucks transporting food to children in the Sahel already suffering from malnutrition, malaria and dehydration!

Let these Africans die of hunger! What is important for Algiers and the Polisario are political gains. May the countries of the Sahel, victims of drought, climate change and terrorism, suffer from food shortages! No problem ! There is a more important cause: it is harming the interests of the Moroccan people, a people supposed to be brothers and neighbors.

The African policy that Algiers boasts of all the time no longer has any value when it comes to once again giving the Polisario the opportunity to agitate in the demilitarized zones against the interests of the Moroccan people.

In addition, the terms of the ceasefire stipulate that the demilitarized zones remain out of reach of any activity likely to harm the status quo!

Can we ask the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs why the official line in Algiers is that Tifraiti, Bir Lahlou and El Mehbes, which are buffer zones, supposed to be demilitarized, and which are outside the wall (built by the Moroccan military to protect Western Sahara against Polisario terrorist attacks from Algeria) are called “liberated” territories in Algiers and Tindouf? That is called double standards: Halal for us, haram for you!

There is a concept in Yiddish called Chutzpah: it is the effrontery of the one who killed his parents but asked the court for indulgence because he is still a minor.

The Polisario is causing trouble in Guerguerat, thus violating the terms of the cease-fire agreement, signed in 1991, something which prompted the peaceful intervention of the Moroccan Army, and afterwards it demands the demilitarization of the area (through the spokesperson of the Algerian Department of Foreign Affairs)! Why ?

Because Polisario is quite simply the spoiled (but unhappy) child of Algerian generals? The Algerian-Polisarian effrontery is a textbook case in the field of chutzpahs.

Lahcen Haddad

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