Video / Debate – Mr. Ouahbi: “PAM shall claim victory on election day”

“PAM is keen on taking everyone by surprise during the next elections, as the party eyes first place”, PAM Secretary General, Abdellatif Ouahbi, stated, live on TV, through Medi1 TV program, “Mouwajaha Lil Iqnaa” (A convincing confrontation), broadcast this Sunday.

“We are in a very strong position; thus, we believe in winning the elections”, Ouahbi stressed, noting that PAM is committed “to establishing a dialogue with all parties”, “recognizing the positions adopted by all political formations” and “expressing its own views with regard to the current issues”.

In addition, Ouabi declared that PAM’s year-to-year reforms were deemed possible thanks to its militants’ unconditioned devotion, mainly in terms of political discourse, perception of the democratic process and electoral issues.

“Today, PAM enjoys a set of qualifications that are likely to provide the necessary assistance to its structures while carrying out their respective missions, especially since the party managed to re-establish its relations with several parties and institutions”, Ouahbi indicated, claiming that the party shall issue a report soon, to reveal all related details in that matter.

Within the same context, Ouahbi pointed out that he is currently working with a group of young militants in preparation for the upcoming elections, noting that all parties have been cooperative at this point, thus creating a perfect work environment.

+ Shared responsibility +

With regard to PAM’s relations with other parties, Ouahbi stated that his party shall show nothing but respect for its political counterparts, and that the ongoing debate in this regard has been extremely healthy, stressing that PAM shall remain a “constructive” opposition party that is keen on serving public interests and contributing to the development of laws, as stipulated in the constitution in force.

“Our party aims at establishing new relations based on dialogue and mutual respect, rather than slander and denigration”, PAM’s chief said, noting that the existing differences shall be easy to handle, as long as all parties stand together in support of Morocco’s sovereign causes.

PAM Secretary General also revealed that his party currently enjoys “a solid position”, and that the latter shall win the upcoming elections easily.

“Our party managed to elaborate a solid electoral program, to be genuinely adopted by the next government, if PAM is to be entrusted with the PM position”, Ouahbi declared.

“We are keen on respecting all points of view expressed by other parties, however, if PAM is to win the elections, we shall denounce all sorts of disputes that may arise between our governmental components”, Ouahbi emphasized, in reference to the various political disputes that marked the last two PJD-led governments.

“All parties are called to respect the decisions taken by the government, while assuming their responsibilities in full”, he concluded.

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