Elections 2021 – PAM’s chief calls on Moroccan youth to register on electoral rolls

PAM Secretary General, Abdellatif Ouahbi, called on Moroccan youth to subscribe within the electoral lists, in order to have their political views heard.

“Upon overcoming the health crisis due to Covid-19, the people of Morocco will soon engage in a new challenge, that is the legislative elections”, Ouahbi stated, noting that together, Moroccans managed to both limit the pandemic’s repercussions and ensure the minimal standards for decent living, despite the state of health emergency that lasted more than a year.

PAM is Morocco’s main opposition party, with 125 representatives in both chambers.

“The upcoming elections shall reflect Morocco’s new vision with regard to renewing all constitutional institutions, strengthening their role as to assume their mission vis-à-vis the current socio-economic repercussions, and ensuring progress as well as economic and social development”, Ouahbi added.

+ Moroccan youth are to be more concerned with the 2021 elections +

PAM Secretary General stressed that the elections represent the one and only democratic path for proper build-up of legitimate institutions, yet, the electoral procedure can only succeed through gaining the support of all social components, especially the younger generations, for such a challenge is more concerned with their choices and well-being.

The elections, due next September, shall determine the future of Morocco for decades to come, Ouahbi noted.

Ouahbi also declared that subscriptions to the upcoming elections are of “great importance” for Moroccans in general and young generations in particular, pointing that freedom of expression is a fundamental right granted by the constitution in force, which is meant to improve public services in a way that meets people’s aspirations.

+ Moroccan youth seek progress, prosperity, equality and modernity +

“If Moroccan youth are to play an influential part in their country’s future, they are hereby required to express their political choices on election day”, Ouahbi revealed, noting that youth’s contribution to the upcoming elections shall be of a “great importance”, for they shall act in support of candidates they see fit and capable of meeting their aspirations.

Within the same context, Ouahbi urged Moroccan youth – seeking progress, prosperity, equality and modernity – to subscribe to the electoral rolls, recalling that the path for development is likely to face a few downfalls if the electoral participation rates do not improve.


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