Interview / Covid-19 – Najwa Koukouss: “El Othmani should have addressed Moroccan citizens differently while reassuring them” (TelQuel)

The Head of Government’s intervention before the Parliament, on April 12, aroused the interest of several Moroccan politicians, including PAM militant, Najwa Koukouss.

Koukouss was invited to TelQuel’s news podcast, Le Scan, presented by Rachid Hallaouy.

TelQuel: What do you think of Saad-Eddine El Othmani’s intervention?

Najwa Koukouss: El Othmani’s intervention in light of Morocco’s current epidemiological situation was rather unbearable, given Morocco’s advanced status in terms of Covid-19 vaccination process thanks to His Majesty, and those who work tirelessly to ensure citizens’ health and safety… This stand as a clear paradox. However, what shocked me the most was the lack of visibility on the impact of vaccines in the medium and long term.

We have put a tremendous amount of effort into our vaccination process; yet, El Othmani failed to point out that Morocco is ahead of dozens of European countries in this regard. He could have expressed himself differently while reassuring citizens and reminding them that the virus still exists. Saad-Eddine El Othmani speaks in the name of the government at a time where PJD leaders have not been vaccinated yet.

Vaccination is, of course, not compulsory, however, we are all supposed to get vaccins in order to be able to travel, work freely, and put an end to this pandemic. For our sake, we should adhere to the restrictions during the holy month of Ramadan, while looking for solutions and coming up with social alternatives, for the measures taken by the government have missed that part.

Question : As the election date is getting closer, what is PAM’s position with regard to contractual teachers in light of their recent protests?

Answer : We support the demands expressed by demonstrators as long as they respect sanitary measures, for Morocco is still in a state of health emergency.

The images of violence that were taken during these demonstrations, especially of that one particular protester being harassed by law enforcement, have filled me with despair and sadness. These are shocking and shameful images that hurt Morocco’s democratic process that the kingdom has been establishing for years, as well as the human rights’ principles subject to consolidation.

Question : How are the elections shaping up for PAM?

Answer : We are working hard. We have visited different parts of Morocco in order to set the floor for the upcoming elections. We are currently mobilizing our candidates, members, and elected officials. As for the party’s meetings in Tunisia, PAM Secretary General, Abdellatif Ouahbi, held talks with several Tunisian SGs, including the Islamist party. Despite our different ideologies, we are open to all sorts of discussions, especially in light of Rached Ghannouchi’s (president of the Assembly of Representatives of the Tunisian People) statement, on the Greater Maghreb Union.

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