House of Representatives – Around 223 law proposals « still await » the government response (El Malki)

The President of the House of Representatives, Habib El Malki, stated, on Wednesday, February 10, that around 223 urgent law proposals (within the parliament) are still awaiting a governmental response.

In his intervention during the autumn legislative session, El Malki indicated that the number of texts approved upon the aforementioned session has amounted to forty, stressing that the House of Representatives is looking forward to further dialogue, discussion and consensus with the government, regarding the accumulated laws.

El Malki also emphasized that the legislative authorities (the government) are under the obligation of interacting and responding to the needs and expectations of society, as well as evaluating the parliamentary policies and diplomatic schemes, in addition to communicating with the general public and carrying out representative tasks; stressing that the parliament is keen, through monitoring, to be close and interactive with social issues.

+ Morocco was able to face the Covid-19 outbreak + 

Moreover, El Malki noted that the 13 questions subject to the weekly audit questionary sessions, were mainly centered around sectoral issues related to the pandemic and the measures taken to avoid its adverse effects on economic activities and social services.

On a different note, El Malki pointed that the Parliamentary Committees are committed to completing all 17 exploratory tasks they have been entrusted with, as stipulated by the parliamentary bureau. In addition, two exploratory reports had been presented to discuss issues related to Morocco’s consulates, as well as conditions inside prisons.

El Malki also stressed that Morocco was able to face the Covid-19 outbreak, for the country has managed to turn such crisis into opportunities, risks into collective precautions, lack of resources into effective practical initiatives, and social impotence into a solidarity movement, by laying the foundations for a post-Covid era in light of global transformations.

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