Unprecedented case – Morocco’s public prosecutor to decide upon the killing and burning of 40 cats – Video

In an unprecedented case within Morocco’s judiciary, Safi’s court of first instance’s public prosecution has agreed to a motion on Monday to track down a suspect for killing stray animals after setting a shelter of over 40 cats on fire.

The 40 cats used to live near a famous monument at the city center where nearby people used to drop by to feed them and clean their shelter for about 10 years.

On the light of this inhuman act, an international association for the protection of animals appointed a lawyer from Casablanca to appear before Safi’s court of first instance in order to chase down the cat-killer.

The association’s attorney, Youssef Gharib, however, stated that “burning cats intentionally” is an unprecedented crime in Morocco’s judicial history, stressing the legal vacuum in protecting the rights of stray animals, and noting that the Criminal Code has only two chapters in regards of crimes against animals, which only protect pets rather than animals wondering the streets.

Gharib also confirmed that the public prosecution will take the necessary actions against the person who burned these cats alive, and that “CCCM” association will make sure that justice will be served.

This case dates back to May 06, when a caring woman came across a man training his dog to attack cats, and tried to protect the cats from the dog’s attack; however, the dog owner decided not to listen to reason, the woman told “Alyaoum24”.

Upon their dispute, the person in question tended to destroy her car, pushing her to leave, the woman said to the paper, adding that she came back after one day to check on the cats, to realize that about 40 of these peaceful creatures were severely burned.

The legal vacuum in protecting stray animals stood as a main obstacle for registering this crime as an act of killing and burning, sources revealed to “Alyaoum24”, as a result, CCCM association felt the necessity to intervene from its headquarters in France, they added.


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