The number of Moroccans volunteering for Military conscription goes beyond expectations, and the King raises the number of recruits from 10 to 15 000

Morocco’s Monarch and commander-in-chief of the Royal Armed Forces, Mohammed VI, gave his orders to raise the number of military recruits from 10.000 to 15.000 for the number of volunteers to military conscription exceeded all expectations.

King Mohammed VI revealed earlier that the number of military recruits was fixed at 10.000, effective next September, while 15.000 new recruits will join the year that follows.

According to preliminary data, over 80.000 young Moroccans submitted their candidacy, including 24.000 female candidates, close sources to the Armed Forces revealed.

These unprecedented stats show that Morocco’s youth is patriotic and more than willing to serve in the military as to increase their chances to earn a permanent position in the army or elsewhere, same source added.

Of the 15,000 young Moroccans who make up the first group of recruits in 2019, over 1100 young women will be serving in different air force and naval barracks, “Far Maroc” military source stated.

On the light of the 63rd anniversary of the Royal Armed Forces, King Mohammed VI said that the reintroduction of the military service “comes to give young Moroccans the opportunity to perform their national duty and contribute to the renaissance of their country and society, for this proves how proud they are of their belonging to Morocco, and the effort they are willing to make as to maintain their authenticity and the constants of their nation”.

In addition, The Moroccan monarch explained that the military service comes in accordance with a number of educational programs that are designed to diversify the knowledge and skills of young Moroccans in line with national values and the true principles of soldier-hood.

The King also stressed that the young recruits will certainly benefit from this experience, which will give them a model military qualification, a spirit of responsibility, self-reliance and a sense of belonging to the homeland; as well as technical and professional expertise to suit their qualifications and ambitions.

Morocco’s Commander-in-Chief considered that what the recruits are about to gain in terms of work, disciplinary, moral and psychological values, will contribute to “keeping pace with this momentum of development, achievement and progress we seek for our youth and country.

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