Cinema – Brahim Chkiri’s new feature film “Masood, Saida and Saadan” in theaters as of Wednesday (Video)

Moroccan film director, Brahim Chkiri, presented early this year, his new feature film “Masood, Said and Saadan”, Produced by Chaoui Production. The film brings together talented actors; Aziz Dadas, Kalila Bounaylat, Khayari Mohamed, Omar Lotfi and Bachir Ouakine. Chkiri’s latest work is a comedy that combines adventures and hilarious intrigues, as part of the old-fashioned “road trip” movie type!

Brahim Chkiri’s new Action-Comedy, which has been produced by Mohammed El Hassan Chaoui, shall reach theaters as of Wednesday, January 30, including Atlas cinema in Rabat.

After enjoying his huge success making “Road to Kabul” in 2012, besides other successful TV experiences, Brahim Chkiri has made, this time, an action-comedy film with even more energy and derision.

The story begins with Masood who is released from prison after more than 15 years. He tries to track down his past, but all he finds is ruins. He returns to the bar he used to go to frequently, and there he gets to meet his barmaid friend. The latter entrusts him with finding her daughter, Saida, whom she abandoned more than 25 years ago while visiting her cousin in Dakhla.

Later on, Saida is revealed to be a dancing girl in a city cabaret. However, Saida, happens to be in possession of a safe key filled of money that a certain mafia claims the right to. For his part, Masood, finds himself involved in the process.

Things take a weird turn when the key is suddenly swallowed by a monkey (Saadan). The monkey then joins Saida and Masood upon their trip, and the trio find themselves subject to a hunt wherever they go!

Film director, Brahim Chkiri, stated that his film tends to open viewers’ eyes to the possibility of living extraordinary adventures, and that even people with ordinary lives may wake up one day to a situation they have never seen coming.

“Masood, Said and Saadan” shooting took place between Dakhla and Marrakech, for the film director chose to keep the same cast from “Road to Kabul”.

The film is suitable for the general public, for it includes gags, self-mockery, original sets and endearing characters.

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Brahim Chkiri was in 1969 in Inzgan, while he grew up in Brussels. He obtained his PhD from Brussels University, then he started film-making in 1986 when he produced his first short-film ever called “Octopussy”. Later on, Chkiri directed a number of feature films in Belgium, Turkey and Asia, before embarking on filmmaking in Morocco, as well as producing a number of hit series for Morocco’s leading TV channels: Al Oula, Medi1TV and 2M.

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