“Antarctica World Passport” at the heart of GFMD’s informative workshops

GFMD2018 has set up a rich, yet variable experience, for migration and development enthusiasts to learn from, during this year’s edition in Marrakech.

Of all the workshops that GFMD had to offer, Article19 chose to emphasize the one on “Antarctica World Passport”, for its relevance to today’s world.

In this regard, the Representative of the platform on climate change and disaster displacement, Chirine El Labbane, stated the following:

The Antarctica Passport workshop is a governmental initiative sponsored by 18 different governments, which tends to raise awareness regarding the impact of climate changes on populations everywhere.

The workshop aims at attracting more people through new communication means in order to reach larger audiences; therefore, the committee in charge tended to invite British artist, Lucy Orta, to be the workshop’s front image and the one in charge of ensuring that all participants are aware of how natural disasters can change the terms of migration around the world.

Such compelling circumstances shall be taken into consideration by politicians and governments everywhere, for they will be required to provide victims with shelters if anything shall occur to them.

So far, the workshop has issued 600 universal passports, for participants have been showing unprecedented interest and eagerness to know more about this subject matter.

The workshop is really pleased with the results and the interest brought to its informative propaganda.


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