GFMD Marrakech: Migration shall take orderly and legal forms

GFMD Marrakech has been the stage for officials and activists from all over the world to discuss issues related to migration and development.

For its part, “Article19” has been following the event closely, as it has been conducting several interviews with a number of participants; including Dutch Ambassador to Morocco, Désirée Bonis.

In her statement to Article19 reporter, Désirée said that she has been invited to participate in the Global Forum on Migration and Development, held in Marrakech, as the official representative of Netherlands.

Netherlands will be signing the global pact for migration on Monday, Désirée stated, adding that such forum represents a good opportunity for all the concerned parties to share ideas and visions.

Désirée also pointed to the fact that her country has known a considerable flow of migrants in recent years, leading the Dutch government to question the current migration regulations, for it is set to find solutions that ensure safe, orderly and legal forms of migration only.

Marrakech Forum, however, is our chance to promote standardized migration, the Ambassador added.

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