GFMD Marrakech – Migration sets up new opportunities for host countries to benefit from

On the light of Marrakech Forum on migration and development in Africa (GFMD2018), “” has conducted an interview with University Professor and International Consultant, Lahcen Haddad; upon which he stated the following:

Migration has become subject to debates all over the world for it has been at the forefront of most countries’ agendas.

Migration has been taking political lengths in several countries, as many locals consider migrants to be the source of many social and economic issues; however, the GFMD gathering aims at proving otherwise through conducting a series of discussions enabling the parties involved to agree on a global migration policy that ensures the rights of both the hosts and visitors.

The Forum hopes to come out with a new system of governance, through which, the international organization for migration shall collaborate with the United Nations in order to improve migration policies.

Migration shall be regarded as a form of human co-existence that can bring new opportunities and interests for individuals and groups, alike.

Morocco, just like any other country, is called to contribute in building a new ground for migration, as well as raising awareness amongst hosting countries about the benefits that migration can bring along with it.

Through the years, Morocco managed to develop a relatively decent equation in terms of migration; yet, more efforts shall be made following models set by other countries.

The forum along with the pact (subject to signature), represent good steps towards establishing a sustainable approach to migration on a world level.

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