GFMD Marrakech: Migrants’ well-being tops the Forum’s priorities

On the light of Marrakech Forum for migration and development in Africa, “” has conducted an interview with the President of the Moroccan Center for Strategic studies, Mohammed Benhammou; upon which he revealed the following:

GFMD aims at discussing the themes that mainly focus on migration and development in relation to Africa as a continent.

The Forum aims at agreeing to a global approach that answers all questions related to migration, as well as finding solutions to the issues that still haunt migrants everywhere.

This event also represents an opportunity for all parties to assume their responsibilities while dealing with migration issues via a respective yet progressive approach, in order to grant migrants their rights and preserve their dignity.

All conditions seem favorable for better legal placements in terms of migration and development; however, the participating parties are called to interact with each other and discuss matters openly to ensure progress.

Hosting such event shows that Morocco follows, with high interest, the situation of migrants inside and outside its territory, for the kingdom tends to raise awareness in this matter as to have these conventions respected in full by all parties involved.

Morocco, along with other African countries, shall be persistent in order to move forward with the migrations laws and rights, in a way that meets migrant’s expectations.

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