GFMD Marrakech: Immigrants everywhere shall rise together for a better future in their host countries

On the light of Marrakech Forum for migration and development in Africa, “” has conducted an interview with the President of “the voice for immigrant women in Morocco”, Yalta Hélène Mariam, in order to introduce the public to the Forum’s goals and objectives.

“The forum has a win-win vision for African immigrants everywhere”, Hélène stated, adding that slavery shall be long gone by now and that Europe -as well as the rest of the world- are called to acknowledge the value that immigrants add to their societies.

“African nations shall stand together for the sake of their diaspora overseas, for today’s immigrants can contribute to their host-countries development thanks to their high level of education and capacities”, Hélène stressed.

It is time for Africa to be aware of the value it can bring to the world, for it shall not remain submissive to the west all along and at all levels, she pointed.

In this regard, Hélène called the African body to examine “the pact” closely before it gets approved, and be able to read between the lines to establish its own approach to migration and development.

It is noteworthy that Hélène Mariam is a Chadian activist who has pursued her studies in Morocco; and today she represents the voice of immigrant women in Morocco.

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