People – Yasmine Belhaloumi could not believe it, as she has been crowned Miss Africa Belgium 2019 (Photos)

A fairy tale!

All Disney fans must remember Princess Yasmine from the animated feature film “Aldin and the Wonderful Lamp”, but it seems like Yasmine’s character was present amongst us for real all along. We are of course referring to Yasmine Belhaloumi, a young Verlaine of Moroccan origin who ran Miss Africa Belgium contest, without actually believing in her chances to win.

Then, the unexpected happened, in what it seemed to be the work of a magic wand.

Of all 12 Belgian candidates, Yasmine was the one crowned Miss Africa Belgium 2019.

Namur’s newspaper + L’Avenir + was the first to reveal “The success story” of the 21-year-old Yasmine who studies tourism management at Rivageois in Liège.

“Yasmine did not believe what happened…”, says the newspaper, adding that Yasmine’s story can be compared to the famous One Thousand and One Night, except that the latter’s story lacks an Aladdin figure, though it is not missing any magic.

+ The thread of the tale … +

The competition was conducted in two phases: First, the semi-finals, which mainly focused on presenting all twelve Belgian candidates who had the pleasure of going on a 10-day trip to prepare for the finals on November 17, 2018.

“We spent 10 days in Portugal, working on parades, dancing, practicing sports, and also learning about the history of Africa”, Yasmine told the Belgian newspaper.

“For the he second phase (the finals), all candidates had to perform choreographies and parades, but they were also required to prepare speeches, in order to introduce themselves before the judges properly; in addition, every candidate had to present a personality that inspired us all. Personally, I have chosen to introduce Moroccan activist, Aïcha Chenna, who made generous contributions to women rights in Morocco”, Yasmine said.

“The candidates were also called to a talent show, for which I chose to present an oriental dance choreography”, Yasmine pointed.

“When the results were announced, I couldn’t believe it! I felt like a dauphin for being too supportive and very motivated throughout the rehearsals during our whole trip experience. Then, when the three dauphins were announced, I felt like there was no way for me to make the final list, for I believed that the last spot was saved for my friend, also participating in the competition. Under these circumstances, I was getting ready to send my friend a victory sign beforehand”, Yasmine stressed; “Then, out of nowhere, the host called my name. I was both shocked and astonished to hear it. I lost all my senses and started shaking. To this day, I still can’t believe it”, she added.

“Yasmine’s family, friends, and everyone on her side, felt so happy and proud”, the newspaper reported.

“Yasmine revealed to the public her dreams and ambitions for the future. The new beauty pageant has always dreamt of becoming a stewardess, before starting her own beauty salon business”, the Belgian paper added.

Good luck Yasmine !

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