Official opening of the 18th National Festival of the Art of Samaa and Madih

The 18th National Art Festival Madih and Samaa, one of the leading cultural and artistic events of Idrisside city, opened Thursday at night, with a good performance from groups Dar Benani and  Taziya.

“This cultural and artistic appointment, which involved a host of intellectuals and Sufi groups, reflects the authenticity of Moroccan culture”, said the mayor of Fes and the president of the festival, Mr. Driss Azami Al Idrissi at the opening of this edition, which will be held until 17 October under the sign “the Samaa and the values of cohabitation and loving humans”.

He also said that this event reflects the depth of the ancestral links between the north and the south of Morocco and the strength of the cultural cooperation of the Kingdom with the other African peoples of the Maghreb.

Mr. Azami has stressed that the theme chosen for this event reflects the pride and the commitment of the Moroccans to their identity and their artistic and cultural heritage, noting the importance sublime art in the dissemination of the values of dialogue, peace and love.

In a statement to the MAP, the chairman of the artistic committee of festivals in Fez, Mr. Rachid Bennani, has indicated that this festival has become an inescapable rendez­vous for the passionate of art.

In this sense, an emphasis has been placed on the role of institutions in the protection of this heritage for centuries. He said that this festival, regarded as one of the leading cultural events of the spiritual capital of the Kingdom, aims to encourage and perpetuate the practice of authentic art-where madih and samaa play a crucial component in the Moroccan cultural identity.

Initiated by the urban commune of the city, this edition will also be participated by many groups from different regions of Morocco.

Further, the organizers of this cultural event have created a program rich and diversified that provides concerts and shows in various spaces of the city. To protect the intangible Moroccan heritage, it also provides for a wide range of activities particularly with religious vigils and evenings of dikr in the famous institutions of the city, such as Sidi Ali Jamal, Al Ouazzanya, and Addarkaouya.

The Festival of the Madih and Samaa, dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and artistic heritage as well as local national, is part, alongside the Festivals of Sacred Music in collaboration with the art of the Malhoun Music Conservatory, Andalusian music, Sufi culture and of the Amazigh culture, and major artistic events organized in the spiritual capital of the Kingdom.

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