Politics – Akhannouch announces from Paris the launch of “RNI’s Council of Moroccans Abroad” from Paris

National Rally of Independents’ Secretary General, Aziz Akhannouch, announced Sunday in Paris, the launch of “Conseil des RNIstes Marocains du Monde”, RNI’s Council of Moroccans Abroad, aimed at discussing the themes constituting the heart of Morocco’s political debates, namely the quality of education, employment, corporate citizenship, health and the role of youth.

MAP news agency, however, summed up Akhannouch’s vision in the following:

“The council will allow the MRE to carry the torch for momentum initiated by RNIs in their country of residence, said Mr. Akhannouch, on the light of the regional conference for Moroccans of the world.

This council will also contribute to the creation of new bridges, as well as participating in the joint construction of the party’s vision, while conducting ongoing reflections on the appropriate solutions to Morocco’s major projects, Akhannouch added.

RNI Secretary General has also emphasized the role of MRE in terms of development, calling them to engage in civil society as well as politics.

This meeting comes to meet King Mohammed VI’s appeal aimed at rethinking Morocco’s model of development, said Mr. Akhannouch, noting that the Moroccans of the world are so passionate, and fiercely attached to their King and Homeland.

The successes and challenges that MRE go through in their country of residence must serve Morocco,” Akhannouch added, stressing the importance of MRE participation in Morocco’s development for “it is not a choice, but a duty.

In a world of increasingly intense competition, we have to evolve into a knowledge-based society, he said, emphasizing the need to highlight learning and knowledge through promoting Moroccan culture within the MRE for progress cannot be achieved if identity is lost.

Moreover, Akhannouch noted that the health sector needs improvement as well, for this will only be possible via dematerialization and the use of new technologies”.

It is noteworthy that this conference is the 10th of its kind in Morocco with more to come in other cities.


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