Spain: Dismantling of Protected Bird Trafficking Network with Royal Gendarmerie Collaboration (Civil Guard)

The Spanish Civil Guard, with the collaboration of the Royal Gendarmerie, dismantled a criminal network involved in the illegal trafficking of protected species.

Within the framework of ORATRIX operation, developed in three phases, 23 people were arrested and were the subject of an investigation in connection with the illegal trafficking of rare species, according to the Civil Guard, which announced the seizure of 280 protected species, including macaws, parrots and cockatoos worth 550,000 euros.

“The collaboration of the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie was fundamental in tracing the route of this traffic,” the same source pointed out, specifying that this network used the interior of international transport coaches to hide and transport the birds.

The individuals subject of investigation, under cover of false documents, raised pairs of birds for years and then tried to sell them on the black market in several countries, including Morocco.

The leader of the network, who worked in a travel agency, masked the clandestine trafficking operations of these rare birds.

Spain’s geographical location makes it a gateway to Europe and Asia for species originating in South American countries, concluded the Civil Guard.

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