National Police Presents 2019 Annual Report, 2020 Action Program

In accordance with the communication approach adopted by security services to outline annual achievements, the national police (DGSN) presented the report for the year 2019 and its action program for 2020.

Regarding the fight against criminal networks, 990 individuals were arrested in 2019 on suspicion of being linked to 509 criminal networks involved in street theft, and 505 organizers of illegal migration operations were nabbed suspected of being involved in 62 criminal networks specializing in trafficking in human beings and organizing illegal migration, in addition to the arrest of 27,317 would-be immigrants, including 20,141 of foreign nationality, and the seizure of 3,021 false travel or identity documents.

As for the number of individuals arrested in drug-related cases, it reached 127,049, i.e. an increase of 38% compared to the previous year, with a record in the quantities of drugs seized thanks to the joint operations of the national security services and the services of the general directorate of territorial surveillance.

Therefore, operations to combat drugs and psychotropic substances led to the seizure of 179,657 tons of hashish and its derivatives, i.e. a rise of 127 tons over the previous year, 542,455 kilograms of cocaine, 7,196 kilograms of heroin and 1,407,451 psychotropic tablets, including 974,983 ecstasy tablets imported from Europe. In addition, 2019 saw the organization of eight controlled drug delivery operations in coordination with the French police, which resulted in the arrest of 12 smugglers and the seizure of more than 8,580 tons of chira on French territory.

Also, criminal police authorities referred 79 persons suspected of involvement in terrorism and extremism, 908 persons suspected of involvement in crimes related to the use of new technologies, 353 persons suspected of involvement in sexual extortion via the Internet to the competent public prosecutor’s offices, targeting 407 victims (including 137 victims of foreign nationality), 168 individuals in cases of corruption and abuse of power, 234 in cases of embezzlement and waste of public funds, 96 in cases of counterfeiting of the national currency and its circulation, and 59 individuals involved in cases of fraud and counterfeiting of payment cards, including 38 Moroccan citizens and 21 of European and sub-Saharan African nationalities.

Concerning international security cooperation in its operational aspect, the DGSN services received 157 letters rogatory from foreign judicial authorities, including 41 relating to cases of drug trafficking, psychotropic drugs and money laundering. In addition, the National Central Bureau (Interpol Rabat) issued 66 international arrest warrants from Moroccan courts against internationally wanted persons, resulting in the arrest of 48 individuals who were the subject of international arrest warrants. Also, 6,037 arrest warrants were issued by foreign judicial authorities.

With regard to international cooperation in police training, 225 sessions were held, led by executives and experts from Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, three training sessions were initiated as part of African police cooperation, for the benefit of commissioners and officers from the Comoros, the Central African Republic and Congo Brazzaville.

In addition to the achievements and efforts made, the DGSN aims, during the year 2020, to implement a series of short and medium-term structural worksites and projects likely to have a positive impact on the various aspects of safety.

The DGSN reaffirms its commitment to continue efforts to strengthen law enforcement, consolidate the sense of security and improve the services provided to citizens, as well as the professional and social conditions of all members of the National Security family.

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