Higher Council of Ulema: Provisions of Criminal Code on Abortion Shall Not be Amended ‘Except as Required by Interest and Allows Ijtihad’

The Higher Council of Ulema affirmed, with regard to its opinion on the issue of abortion, that the provisions of the criminal Code relating to this issue will not be amended “except as required by interest and allows Ijtihad”.

The provisions contained in the criminal Code (Chapter VIII, Section I, of article 449 to article 458) are the only reference to the issue of abortion, the general secretariat of the Higher Council of Ulema said on Monday in a statement received by MAP, adding that the drafting of this law was the result of hard work and consultation, in which several institutions, including the Higher Council of Ulema, took part.

These provisions will not be amended “except as required by interest and allows Ijtihad,” the statement added, noting that each authorized party may review its opinion, within the framework permitted by law.

It stressed that, except in this case, no one is entitled to overtake a competent party in such a way as to involve the Higher Council of Ulema in a closed debate, giving the impression that the said Council was absent and did not assume its responsibilities, thus exploiting this involvement in a controversy of a political nature.

This issue remains a public matter and the mechanism with which the Council participates in this debate is “known” and no one can ignore it, the statement concluded.


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