ABL Aviation Targets African Aeronautic Market Through Its Unique Financing Model

A futuristic vision and an action in the present time. After Dublin, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai, ABL Aviation set up in Morocco in 2017 and recently obtained the Casablanca Finance City status. Objective: to invest the African aeronautical market and make Casablanca its regional hub for Africa by bringing unique financing solutions to the continent.

“Through our setting up in Casablanca, we seek to offer innovative solutions to African airlines companies and a unique business model we have successfully developed in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We are today the one and only company based in Africa to offer a complete service commercial aircraft rental, “announced Tuesday in Casablanca, Ali Ben Lmadani, CEO and founder of ABL Aviation.

“We strongly believe in the potential of the African aeronautic market and we believe we have the necessary expertise and experience to support its development through our original, efficient and successful business model,” added Ali Ben Lmadani during a press briefing.

“In addition to the know-how, the high technicality and financial engineering expertise of our teams, we are proud within ABL Aviation to be able to offer our client-partners a sharp technical support and unique strategies of investment”, he went on to say.

Supporting figures, since its inception in 2015, ABL Aviation has generated approximately $ 400 million in investments and is behind the financing, leasing and management of 20 aircraft worldwide. In its first two years of startup, the multinational has focused on donors, to focus thereafter on the realisation and the increase of transactions with its financial partners, said a press release.

+ Ali Ben Lmadani, a success story +

Ali Ben Lmadani, 36 years old, was born and raised in Rabat. He studied at Lycée Descartes before earning his international baccalaureate at Paul Valérie High School in Meknes. He then flew to North Carolina to continue his university studies at Campbell University.

Born Entrepreneur, Ali founded his first company at the age of 22. It is a ground support equipment company, called ABL Industries, through which it has exported ground support equipment from the United States to Europe and Africa. Shortly after, he became co-founder of ABL Real Estate, a company specializing in the sales and leasing markets in Paris.

A little later, inspired by Airbnb’s innovative market, Ali founded ‘EasyGuests Inc.’, a short-duration rental property management company operating in 5 cities in the United States and Europe.

Proud of its origins, Ali created in 2015, ABL Aviation, a company that bears the initials of his name and surname, which he has developed in 5 years with a cruising speed to settle in 5 cities of the world including Casablanca.

Ali previously held the position of Head of Opportunity Development and structuring of agreements with airlines at New York-based investment company, The Transportation Group. An experience during which he had distinguished himself by his in-depth knowledge of equity and financial market players, particularly those of the Middle East and Asia.

Additionally, Ali is a registered representative of Finra and holds a qualification of investment bank of type 7. He is also founding partner of the innovative conferences ISHKA. He is a regular contributor to editorial content and the animation of debate panels at aeronautical finance conferences around the world.

Ali also has US citizenship and is married to an Irish woman. He lives in Dublin but claims to be a citizen of the world and a free electron who spends a lot of time between Casablanca, Dubai, New York and Hong Kong to be able to follow the activities of the different ABL offices across the four continents, adds the same source.


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