Interior Ministry Determined to Deal ‘Firmly’ with Any Breach of Public Order while Guaranteeing Rights and Freedoms (Statement)

The ministry of the Interior said that it will “firmly” address all practices that violate the law and threaten public safety and order, ensuring that the intervention of the public forces to disperse the sit-in, organized on the night of Saturday to Sunday by academy officials, “respected all legal provisions far from the fabricated images conveyed on social networks”.

“The ministry of the Interior, while stating that the intervention of the public forces was proportionate and respected all legal provisions far from the fabricated images conveyed on social networks, stresses that its total concern for the guarantee of the exercise of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution is matched only by its commitment to deal firmly with all practices that violate the law and threaten public safety and order,” the ministry stressed in a statement released on Tuesday.

Although the government reacted in a “positive” way to the various demands expressed by the academy officials, the statement adds, it was found that they persisted in their logic of rejection by increasing the pace of protest actions, disproportionately compared to the responses provided by the government.

Faced with this situation, the government was forced to take the decision to prohibit certain acts that violate the foundations of public order and that have no valid legal basis, namely the holding of a night sit-in on the public highway, says the same source.

In this regard, the so-called “national Coordination of contract teachers” tried, under the pretext of a march that continued until 2:30 a.m., to organize a sit-in in the city of Rabat on the night of 23 March, the ministry recalls, noting that the local authority and the security forces had conducted a direct dialogue with the persons concerned.

The local authority proposed that the wilaya of the Region provide them with 50 buses to transport them to their respective cities, with the possibility of providing accommodation space, but these offers were rejected by the demonstrators who were determined to spend the night on the public highway, the ministry stresses.

At the end of the dialogue and legal warnings, the public forces decided to put an end to the sit-in by using water cannons and dispersing demonstrators, some of whom persisted in their practices of incitement and provocation of the public forces, through throwing stones and bottles, injuring 21 police officers and 05 elements of the auxiliary Forces, the statement concludes.

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