Sex Odyssey – African migrants wander the streets of Casablanca offering “cheap sex” services

It seems like prostitution in Casablanca is no longer confined to “local women”, for African immigrants have been gaining momentum on the prostitution map lately. A new prostitution market has emerged in Casablanca, promoted by “dark skin immigrants”, who come from sub-Saharan countries, to provide their services to both Moroccans and foreigners.

In the last few years, many networks specialized in “African sex prostitution” found their way to Morocco’s major cities, using social media such as Facebook, as a platform for marketing sexual services, “with an African taste”, according to Arabic website Hespress.

Morocco is no more a transit place for thousands of African migrants, for it has become a host to these migrants following the new illegal immigration procedures issued by the European Union Commission, which aims at limiting illegal immigration caused by those fleeing famine and civil war in their home countries, believing that Morocco is their door to the “European Eldorado”; however, their fragile social status requires them to earn their living using illegal methods.

Under such harsh circumstances, most migrant women resorted to prostitution in coastal cities like Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir and Tangier; for a large segment of Moroccans seek “cheap sex”. The growing demand for immigrants’ sex services prepared the ground for such networks to expand their activities nationwide, despite all the risks that prostitution can bring upon it, such as rape and ill-treatment, the source said.

+ A sex Odyssey in Casablanca +

The virtual world has become the main platform for sex workers, as they tend to use new apps in order to attract “customers”, as well as many websites specializing in finding prostitutes, while providing info such as height, weight, hair color and more.

For their part, a number of anti-AIDS associations revealed that dozens of massage centers in Casablanca have turned into a sex odyssey “disguised as a legitimate business”, noting that the prices for sex in some of these centers range from 200 to 1.000 MAD, while prices for home massages can reach 1500 dirhams”, the same sources added.

In Casablanca, Derb Omar has become the main attraction for customers seeking cheap sex, for prostitutes go to bars and wait for the next client to make his move by offering them money, or sometimes a drink, in return for their services.

Most of the time, African immigrants prefer to go to their customers’ houses; however, others choose to provide their services inside small rentals that can be found in a number of Casablanca’s neighborhoods. Some may also agree to take matters into their own hands by offering their services in national parks and other open spaces, while a fourth category prefers to announce itself to clients on sidewalks, in areas such as Mohammed V Avenue, United Nations Square and Anfa street.

It is noteworthy that “migrants’ prostitution” is behind most sexually transmitted diseases, for many clients were diagnosed with AIDS upon their sexual contact with prostitutes, Hespress underlined.

Despite the fact that such epidemic seems to grow on daily basis in a way that can affect people’s safety, no real measures have been taking to stop it with the exception of a few raids on brothels located in poor areas, the same source added.

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