Marrakech “homosexual” reveals before the court the circumstences of his “filming, defamation and contempt”

Marrakech “homosexual” case has hit the media once again upon publishing the man’s pictures and videos following his car accident on New Year’s Eve. According to Herspress newspaper, “the man in the blue dress” has been summoned by the court of appeal’s Attorney General to appear before him for a hearing.

“The homosexual man” has been called to appear before the court of appeal, on Tuesday, following the complaint filed by the National Center for Human Rights, urging the opening of an investigation in this regard, for disclosing confidential search and degrading the man in question, close sources to Hespress said.

Upon their meeting in Marrakech on Monday afternoon, Head of the National Center for Human Rights Executive office and the Court of Appeal’s Attorney-General have decided to call upon the man in question to appear before the court. During the meeting, both parties discussed the circumstances that marked the suffering and humiliation suffered by the concerned entity; besides sharing the latter’s personal data with the public in the absence of any police interference.

“I held a meeting with the Court of Appeal’s Attorney-General in Marrakech, and an urgent summons was indeed issued following the complaint filed by the National Center for Human Rights in Morocco against the policemen involved,” said Mohamed Madimi, President of the National Center for Human Rights in Morocco.

“We have provided a lawyer to represent the homosexual man against the forces of harassment that the policemen in question set an examples for, and we will be present tomorrow for his support,” Madimi said in a statement to Hespress newspaper, adding that the stereotype victim will be summoned by the attorney general to appear before the Court of Appeal in Marrakech, in order to identify those responsible for circulating the tape and endangering the life of a fellow citizen.

In his earlier statement to Hespress, the videotape victim revealed that he is preparing the necessary documents to seek refuge due to the great pressure he has been experiencing after the event, adding that the police officer that day tended to break the glass in order to get him out of the car and take him on “a walk of shame”, while the whole world was watching.

“I felt the need to run away as people gathered around my car; I was scared for my life, especially when the policeman broke my window. Upon leaving my vehicle, the policemen chased me, beat me and assault me”, the man said, stressing that people took their time making videos in the absence of any police intervention.

For his part, head of the Moroccan secret services, Abdellatif Hammouchi, decided to punish the policemen involved in the case for failing to protect the said person from the people who were present on the scene that day.

Hammouchi issued a number of disciplinary sanctions against the 4 policemen related to the case, including temporary suspensions from work, reprimands and warnings.

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