Unusual – Morocco : No less than $1.6 million worth of fees due to SAMIR refunery’s lawyer or 5,333 times the minimum wage

In a country like Morocco, this story would seem a bit strange, yet it stands for “incredible”! Far beyond all expectations, the judge commissioner in charge of la SAMIR refinery liquidation approved, on Monday, a relatively-high legal fee due to Moroccan lawyer, Abdelkbir Tabih, on the bar of Casablanca.

The amount of these fees, estimated at 1.6 billion centimes ($1.6 million), has been validated as a privileged legal fee by force of law, for the benefit of the said lawyer, upon assisting la SAMIR refinery throughout its liquidation process.

It is noteworthy that the minimum wage in Morocco does not exceed 300 dollars; however, the mathematic equation stipulates that the lucky lawyer will be getting 5,333 times that minimum wage.

Ultimately, one always wonders why a famous theater figure such as Shakespeare, wrote in his trilogy on Henry VI, back in the 16th century, something like:

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

This must be one of Shakespeare’s harshest pieces!


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