Debate – Moroccan “Transitional Justice” Experience before UNRC in Geneva


Secretary general of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), Mohamed Sebbar, presented the Moroccan experience in “transitional justice” before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

At an interactive discussion with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, Pablo de Greiff, CNDH official recalled that the Council has been in charge, for more than 10 years, of following up the recommendations of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (Instance Equité et Réconciliation-IER-).

As for the right to the truth, the fate of 805 deaths among victims of enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention has been established, said Sebbar, noting that the burial sites of 385 cases have been identified.

Referring to individual reparations, CNDH secretary general said that 27,000 people benefited from a comprehensive compensation package, worth a total of $ 204 million.

In addition, some 1,335 victims and beneficiaries have benefited from social integration programs, another 540,000 have had their administrative and financial situation regularized and 18,000 have had access to medical coverage.

He also highlighted the memory preservation program, noting that the victims of past human rights violations have been rehabilitated, notably the establishment of cemeteries to determine the places of their burial in Casablanca, Nador, Agdez and Megouna.

Regarding the collective reparation plan, Sebbar went on, 13 regions were targeted nationally through the capacity building of local actors, the preservation of memory, the improvement of the living conditions of the population and the promotion of the situation of children and women.

The recommendations of IER have largely been taken into account in the Constitution, particularly those related to the criminalization of serious human rights violations such as torture, enforced disappearance, genocide crimes, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

He said that CNDH will publish a detailed report on the transitional justice process in the Kingdom.

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