Weird – “The Million Dollar Bride” unveiled in Dubai (Vidéo)

London-based designer Debbie Wingham has earned quite a reputation for creating some of the world’s most expensive objects of desire (some of which are edible too!).

Recently, the 36-year-old designer unveiled a 120-kg cake at the Bride Show Dubai.
Modelled on a traditional Arabic bride, the cake is dotted with five white diamonds, each worth $200,000, helping it earn the nomenclature of “The Million Dollar Bride”.

“The diamonds were actually sourced from one of my UAE-based clients who was only too happy to loan them to me.”

There’s 50-kg of fondant and about 25-kg of chocolate has gone into the frosting and sculpting of the face, upper body, fingers and arms,” Wingham told Khaleej Times.

The cake, pre-baked in Raffles Dubai, was made by Debbie Wingham in five days. “No one actually believes it’s a cake. In fact, she is as good as a living being for me. I call her Lulwa (meaning pearls in Arabic).” This is not the first time Wingham has experimented with a life-size premium cake. Her resume already boasts of the world’s most expensive cake (valued at £48.5 million), a black diamond dress (worth £3.5 million), a pair of shoes (that cost £11.5 million ) and a red diamond abaya (priced at £3.5 million).

“I have often been influenced by Middle Eastern culture. To actually make a Middle Eastern-inspired wedding cake is really up there with my other exciting endeavours. Most of my pieces are based on realism and I am glad that people liked it.”

You can EAT this bride on your wedding day!

A US$1 MILLION wedding cake – complete with flawless three-carat white diamonds – depicting an Arab bride was unveiled by a British fashion designer at the BRIDE show in Dubai

Publié par RT Play sur lundi 12 février 2018


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