Morocco – The Tale of Ibrahim and the “Blue Whale” (VIDEO)

The “Blue Whale Challenge” almost claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy from Ben Guerir, before his father saves the day in a timely manner.

Despite its ban in Morocco, the little boy found a way to download this dangerous game on his phone for he has immediately proceeded to carrying out a number of challenges required by the game’s admin; however, the young gamer was fortunate enough to be saved by his own father as soon as this latter learned about the “Blue Whale Challenge” by accident, says Al Ahdat Al Maghribiya.

On the light of the first session held by the medical committee to oversee the young boy’s condition, 12-year-old boy, Ibrahim, admitted that he got the idea to download this challenging app on his smartphone for he always seeks new adventures. Ibrahim, however, said that he wasn’t aware of how dangerous and daring this game can be, as he carried out a series of challenges in order to acquire the “blue whale powers”.

+The game’s final task requires players to commit suicide+

Ibrahim claimed fulfilling 30 tasks out of all 50 challenges that the game requires, explaining that most tasks were simple at the beginning; but, the level of difficulty goes higher with every challenge. It is noteworthy that the game dared Ibrahim to engrave the game’s code on his arm using a sharp tool, and send a picture of his engraved arm to the game’s admin to make sure he actually fulfilled the task. Ibrahim was also asked to perform tasks aimed at breaking all his fears, such as watching horror movies and visiting deserted places late at night.

While carrying out his challenges, Ibrahim realized he had plunged himself into a real predicament threatening his psychological and academic stability; therefore, he decided to quit the game.

It shall be noted that the game’s final task requires players to commit suicide, either by hanging, jumping from the window, or stabbing; yet, leaving the “Blue Whale” world does not come easy, for those who try to quit always receive explicit threats to end their lives and those of their families.

On the light of these events, Ibrahim was referred to Mohammed VI hospital for examination, before returning to Ibn Jarir hospital where he was put under medical surveillance. The young gamer, however, will undergo psychotherapy sessions by a pediatric psychiatrist.

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