Weather – Anfgou village breathes a sigh of relief after 11 days of “isolation” caused by snow


The people of Anfgou have finally breathed a sigh of relief as sweepers and snow blowers have successfully broken their isolation caused by heavy snowfalls; however, the sweeping process took 11 full days and nights in order to clear the road leading to this small village near Midelt.

Although local people praised the intervention of local authorities to break the isolation of villagers in the Atlas Mountains, others denounced, via Facebook, the authorities “late” intervention for they were supposed to sweep the roads since day one of the heavy snowfalls.

“Despite the road-sweeping, cars can still slip, which might cause deadly accidents”, local man said, adding that the people in the village suffered electricity and water shortage for several days on the light of these severe conditions”, hespress reported.

“Fortunately for our children, studies have been suspended in various villages and mountain areas, otherwise going to school might have put their lives at risk”, same local man added.

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