Democracy Index – British Report Sees Morocco as “Hybrid Regime”


Morocco ranked second in the Arab world and 101st overall in the 2017 World Democracy Index, as indicated in the British Economist Intelligence Research Unit’s report.

Despite ranking third in North Africa and the Middle East after both Israel and Tunisia, the British report categorized Morocco’s regime as “hybrid” with a score of 4.87/10.

The report divided the 167 countries into four categories: Full democracies (19 countries), Defective Democracies (57 countries including Tunisia), Hybrid Regimes (39 countries including Morocco), and Authoritarian Regimes (52 countries including Algeria).

It is noteworthy that 2017 world democracy index categorized countries based on the electoral process, pluralism, political participation, political awareness and civil liberties.

This annual index, however, granted Norway the first place as world’s most outstanding democracy, followed by Iceland and Sweden, while North Korea came last in the ranking.

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