Up to 5 Years in Prison against 13 Convicts on Terror Charges


Salé’s appeal court gave, on Thursday, verdicts ranging from 1 to 5 years in prison against thirteen people sued in separate terror cases.

The court sentenced two defendants to five years in prison for “setting up a criminal gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts, promoting a terrorist organization and attempting to join an extremist organization.”

One of the accused, who had joined the extremist group “Daesh”, was handed over by the Syrian authorities to Morocco in September 2017.

In separate cases, the court handed down sentences of 4 years’ imprisonment for one defendant and 3 years’ imprisonment for four accused, as well as a sentence of 3 years’ imprisonment for two accused in another case, one of whom was extradited by the Turkish authorities to Morocco for “alleged links with individuals active in terrorist organizations.”

The court also sentenced to one year in prison an accused who was on bail and to one year imprisonment with a fine of 5,000 dirhams another defendant for “advocating terrorist acts and organization and attempting to join Daesh’s organization in Syria and Iraq.”


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