Mexico – Dinosaur’s tail auction raises money to rebuild thousands of schools damaged by earthquakes


The tail of a fossilized dinosaur recently discovered in Morocco will be auctioned within a week in Mexico. The tail is believed to be that of a Sauropoda (4 meters long / 180 kilograms), and it will be offered at a reserve price of $ 95.805 (1.8 million Mexican pesos), according to the organizer of the Morton’s Auction House sale.

This fossil has been discovered in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco for it is believed to go back to the Middle Jurassic Age (165 million years ago), according to Reuters report.

The Sauropoda is an herbivorous quadruped, which is a suborder to the Sauropodomorpha. This Dinosaur has lived between the Middle Jurassic age and the Cretaceous age, meaning that the Sauropoda came to replace prosauropods all over the planet at the time, French scientific journal said.

This auction sale, however, will be dedicated to raising funds for the reconstruction of thousands of schools damaged by the two earthquakes that shook Mexico.

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