Sahara – Moroccan army helicopters called to “a state of alert”, says Al-Massae newspaper


The Moroccan army has sent out helicopters amongst other heavy weaponry towards El Karkarat area in response to the Polisario Front provocations, for this latter has placed a military checkpoint at the border post between Morocco and Mauritania in order to block the passage to the buffer zone in a clear defiance to the Security Council’s stipulations, Al-Massae newspaper reported.

The same source added that the Inspector-General of the Royal Armed Forces and the Commander in charge of the Southern Military Region has called his men to stay vigilant and totally alert. Besides, the Inspector-General has also ordered the Moroccan army to mobilize hundreds of troops and military vehicles within meters of the Mauritanian border after receiving reports stating that the Polisario civilian police patrols were roaming in El Kakarat area.

For his part, Political analyst Abdelmajid Belghazal, stressed that both Morocco and the Polisario Front have a “cease-fire” agreement; however, if Morocco receives reports on a possible infiltration to the Atlantic Ocean by Polisario military units, the Royal armed forces will respond immediately, noting that this is exactly the scenario that the Polisario Front seeks to drag Morocco into.

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