Maghreb – « Yennayer », the Berber New Year Will Be a Holiday in Algeria


A good news. Yennayer, the Berber new year will be celebrated in Algeria on January 12, 2018. And unlike in previous years, it will be officially, for the first time a paid day off.

The decision to decree Yenayer as a national holiday was taken Wednesday, December 27, by the Presidency of the Republic at the Algerian Council of Ministers.

According to the Algerian media, Abdelaziz Bouteflika would have “surprised everyone” by decreeing the first day of the Berber year a holiday as well as the day of the Hegira and the Christian New Year.
The news was announced during the greeting presentations for the new year 2018.

The Berbers have been celebrating Yennayer since ancient times. Etymologically, the term is a contraction of “Yen” which means “first” and “Ayer” which means “month”.

This year, the first day of the Berber year (Yenayer 2967) coincides with January 12 of the Gregorian calendar.

For several years, Moroccan Berbers movement have demanded to decree the new Yennayer as an official holiday.

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