Justice – Up to 3 Years in Prison for 4 Moroccan Convicts on Terror Charges


Salé’s appeal court gave on Thursday verdicts ranging from 1 to 3 years in prison against four people sued in separate terror cases.

The court sentenced to three years imprisonment with no remission one person standing trial for forming a criminal gang as part of a collective plot seeking to seriously undermine public order, and another person to two years imprisonment with no remission. The court also sentenced the other two accused to one year in prison with no remission, and fined them 10,000 MAD each on the charge of defending terrorism.

It also decided to postpone to Jan. 4 the case of eight people, including three women, sued in terrorism-related cases.

These people are sued for forming a gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts as part of a collective plot to seriously undermine public order, incite others to perpetrate terrorist acts, raise funds and use them for terrorist ends, praise terrorist acts and organizations.

In October 2016, the security services succeeded in dismantling a cell composed of 10 women, including 7 minors who were operating in several cities to integrate women in ISIS terrorist network.


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