Meknes innocent kiss

By Dr. Jaouad Mabrouki*

What has just happened in Meknes and how this incident, which is a simple mistake on the part of two teenagers, was handled pushes me to analyze the causes and the repercussions of this affair.

The causes:

1- The absence of sexual education:

Both at home and at school, sexual education is absent and talking about sexuality is taboo! Children must be chaste without knowing why. Nobody accompanies the adolescent in his sexual experience and in the way he has to deal with this sexual energy that explodes suddenly in his body. It all comes down to “hallal” and “haram”

2- The teachers’ lack of knowledge about the psycho-sexual development of adolescents:

The teachers are not trained on the subject and do not know how to understand the teenager and how to accompany him in this crisis.

3-The lack of meeting between director and pupils at the start of the school year to remind them the school rules and their display in the school. As for sexual issues, school relies on social traditions!

4- The contradiction between social behavior and religious precepts

It is repeated to the teenager that our society is conservative and religious while in the street we see only the opposite. The teen then perceives hypocrisy and then he revolts against society.

5-The injustice in the confusion

The teen sees the sexual harassment of women in the street, by young people, adults and aged, before the eyes of teachers and authorities, in front of cafes and nobody does anything and the stalkers are accepted and not punished. Whereas for an innocent kiss two teenagers are punished unfairly?

6-The incoherence of the educational system

Education is responsible for training well-balanced citizens who will serve the country. If our society still limps, it’s because the woman is considered inferior to the man. To progress, the woman must first be educated, but we decide to dismiss the woman and the mother of tomorrow from school?

7-The absence of the gender equality

The school commands the girl to wear a blouse unlike the boy, let’s ask ourselves how this segregation is perceived and lived by the girl and the boy and what message is sent to the students? The girl object of desire and sex!

The consequences of this decision:

1- Psychological and social

These teens will be completely destroyed in their personalities as if they had committed a crime. Their images are socially dirtied and teens are perceived as fishermen and especially the girl who is likely to be perceived as “a girl of joy” culturally speaking! I agree for chastity and the respect for the sacredness of the school institution, but this matter should have been treated internally without becoming a media subject and a social scandal. The adolescent’s particular psychology, his fragility and his sensitivity would have required a more modest, more respectful and wiser treatment that would have allowed these young people to understand the consequences of their actions without harming their social image.

2-Increase in the distress of teenagers

This decision shows once again to teenagers the dissociation between the discourse of institutions and what is happening in reality! A flagrant contradiction that further nourishes the experience of injustice among teens and the development, more marked, of their revolt against the sacredness of traditions and their dissociation from the adult world.

*Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Writer, Painter

N/B: this article was translated from the French version by Article19

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