The buzz around the Moroccan satellite, what objective?

Morocco will launch an observation satellite on November 8 and a second one in 2018. However, the media, including Moroccan, have retained only one aspect: the possible discontent that this operation could provoke in Spain and in Algeria, thus contributing to create or to stir up the tension with said neighbors.

Yet the examination of the facts does not validate the alarmist approach propagated by the media. Let’s examine the situation with respect to each of these two countries:

-First of all, Spain is a European country and the two satellites that will be launched are 100% European component. The Brussels texts and the European solidarity forbid that manufactured products in Europe could be used to harm a European country. So this aspect evoked by the press is to be excluded.

Moreover, this contract was concluded in 2013; we can not imagine that Spain was not informed in due time of its existence, either by its European partner, in this case France, or by its own intelligence services. Thereby, Spain had plenty of time after that date to block it.

Beyond this aspect ; Spain fears several security scourges and has engaged in close cooperation with Morocco on these topics, namely :   the trafficking in people, drugs, weapons as well as the moving and movement of terrorists.

(The origin of these threats comes for a large part from the Sahel as evidenced by among others senior UN officials ( or from France (

But precisely, these two satellites will be used to cope with them and Morocco as well as Spain and Europe in general will be the beneficiaries.

Regarding Algeria, Morocco has many times extended a hand to it to initiate a bilateral cooperation; if only in this crucial area; for the benefit of both countries and our European partners in order to cope with the scourges mentioned above (drugs, arms trafficking, illegal immigration and terrorism).

Algeria has systematically refused. And Morocco, like Algeria or Spain, has the obligation to monitor its borders.

It is useful not only for Morocco but also for its neighbors.

Moreover, in addition to this legal obligation to control its borders, such an operation will consequently have beneficial effects for its neighbors and beyond for all the Europe.

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