Bomb aboard the Russian A321, investigators say “almost positively”

Investigators conducting the investigation into the crash of a Russian Airbus October 31 in Sinai are “90% sure” that a noise recorded by the black boxes of the device corresponds to the explosion of a bomb , told Reuters on Sunday a member of the inquiry committee.

Saturday at a press conference, the chairman of the Inquiry Committee, Ayman al Moukaddam, said that “noise” could be heard in the last second of recording of conversations in the cockpit, but he went further to say it was too early to draw conclusions.

On the otherhand, the thesis of a bomb attack has existed for several days by the American and British secret services to explain the destruction of the Airbus board which perished 224 passengers and crew members, mostly Russian.

“The analyses conducted so far on the noise on the black box indicates that this is a bomb,” said Member of the Egyptian investigation committee, who requested anonymity. “We are 90% sure that this is a bomb. “

When asked to explain what may be the assumption justifying the 10% missing, he replied: “I can not talk about that yet.

The Egyptian branch of the organization Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the destruction of the device, in retaliation for the bombing by the Russian airforce on jihadist groups in Syria.

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