BreakingNews – Saudi Billionaire Al-Walid Ibn Talal Regains Freedom (Vidéo)

Saudi billionaire, Al-Walid Ibn Talal, has been released from his five-star prison on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

The famous Prince has been spotted in his place of residence in Riyadh for he has reportedly left the hotel (prison) where he was kept by the Saudi regime, alongside other prominent names for two months, in the absence of any legal proceedings, Reuters said.

“Setting Ibn Talal free must have cost this latter a fortune”, said Iraqi media; however, a few weeks ago, Gulf-based newspapers revealed that Prince Mohamed bin Salman, has demanded “six billion dollars in cash” for Prince Al-Walid to regain his freedom.

It is noteworthy that in his earlier video (attributed to Reuters), Ibn Talal stated that he has not been charged of anything and that he was only kept inside his five-star prison amongst other inmates to discuss various political subjects with the government; adding that he feels at home.

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