FIFA grants the Moroccan national team 1.5 million dollars to cover the expenses ahead of the upcoming World Cup

FIFA is to grant Morocco’s Football Federation an estimated amount of 1.5 million dollars in order to cover the Moroccan national team’s preparations for the world cup in Russia.

Officials within FIFA stated that all participating nations will receive the same grant ahead of their friendly games in March in order to cover their expenses all along the road to Russia. The 32 teams, however, will receive another 8 million dollars on their arrival to Russia; while those who make it to advanced rounds will be receiving more as the competition goes on.

Morocco is scheduled to play two friendly games against both Uzbekistan and Serbia, before they head to Switzerland for more preparations.

It is noteworthy that FIFA will allocate around 400 million dollars to be divided on all 32 participating teams, as 38 of which goes to the world cup champions, 28 to the runner-up and 24 for the third place.

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