Geneva: Posthumous Tribute to the artist Leila Alaoui

“This edition is dedicated to the memory of the late Leila Alaoui, who died a month ago in the Ouagadougou attacks,” say the organizers in a statement.

Faced with this tragedy, the festival “has the ambition to be a place where we erase fear and dare courage, a place of strength, a place alive against all odds,” says its director, Isabelle Gattiker .

In tribute to the late Moroccan artist, the exhibition showcases Alaoui’s photographs.  Entitled “Natreen,” the series works under the theme of “migration” used this year for the event.

“It is with deep emotion that we will present the exhibition she had prepared and finalized for FIFDH, a work in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon,” the statement said.

The theme of migration will deeply mark this edition, starring a high-level segment and number of films, including Frederic Chouffat’s poignant “No Support.”  It will be the film’s world premiere.

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