Amazigh Language – A thousand Moroccan associations addressed a memorandum against “discrimination”

In Morocco, a thousand associations sent a memorandum to all concerned political authorities to implement the official emergency status of the Amazigh language and related organic laws.This initiative was made public Tuesday, November 3 in Rabat, during a meeting with national and international media.

Further, the organizations accusingly addressed the PJD and its leader Benkirane because they “block things,” according Meryem Demnati activist

Excerpts of the memorandum:

After much noticed and illustrated delay since 2011 in the effective implementation of the official status of the Amazigh language, the memorandum expressed several requirements:

  • End the  discrimination  between the two official languages, Arabic and Amazigh.
  • Moroccans benefit from the scientific, literary, artistic and philosophical contribution of the Amazigh language by institutionalizing it.
  • Provide the conditions necessary to make a choke point in the performance of professional duties (Amazigh argument …).
  • Include Amazigh in all sectors of public life (education, media …).
  • Make an inseparable Amazigh system of cultural values ​​of justice, equality and dignity (lever to the success of the transition to democracy …).

The rapid and adequate solutions for the implementation of the memorandum, as noted:

  • Give priority in organic laws to implement its official language status.
  • Recognize that the Amazigh language and the Arabic language are equal in all institutions of the state and different spheres of public life.
  • Strengthening official bilingualism in the various sectors and areas of public life.
  • Benefit the Arab and Amazigh languages ​​to the same financial and human resources in all sectors.
  • Create institutions to support the implementation of the steps of the organic laws for the Amazigh in the different government departments and sectors.
  • Strengthen educational and didactic achievements and standardize the Amazigh language transcribing the alphabet in its original form “Tifinagh”.
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