Curtain up on the 4th International Theatre Festival of Tangier

The curtain was lifted Friday night as the 4th edition of the International Theatre Festival of Tangier commenced, amongst the participation of many artists, theater reviewers and Moroccan and foreign academicians.

The opening ceremony of this edition, placed under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, was marked by vibrant tributes to the owner of the theater and one of the founders of the group Nass Al Ghiwan, Omar Sayed, along with Jamal Al Abraq, the director, Salvador Tavor, artist and actor, and Souheir Almochidi, the icon of Egyptian theater. All of these individuals were guests of honor this year in recognition of their contribution the enrichement of Arab art through their theatrical works and creations. The first day of this cultural event was also marked by the inauguration of the exhibitions “lights and colors of music” created by visual artists Mahassine Al Ahrach, Youness Amirouche, and Amir Al Hashimi Mouh and “moments in the History of Tangier” created by Younes Cheikh Ali, as well as spaces of “The region of Andalusia” and “Hay Mohammadi.”

The opening ceremony of the event was also punctuated by the presentation of the show “Qanboula” of the troupe show Chihab Al Masrahiya (Casablanca). In a statement to the MAP, the artistic director of the festival, Driss El Kori, stressed that the festival aims to contribute to the creation of a Moroccan company which focuses more on values and the Morccan authenticity, through its rich and varied programming, noting that the theme refers to the inter-culturality essential in building a dialogue of civilizations and creations.

Held under the theme «Tangier, space of all spaces», this edition will see the participation of 13 theatrical groups Spain, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine.

In the program of this cultural event, organized by the association Al Kantara, is the opening of an exhibition of documents and rare photos from The National Centre for the Theatre of Egypt, and the organization of a workshop on approaches to the techniques of theatre, hosted by artist Abdou Jalal and a conference under the theme “the memory arts and scenes in Andalusia”, which will be given by The Director of the Centre for the Documentation of the Arts of the spectacle of Andalusia Lola Vergas Zuniga.

The festival, which will continue until October 6, will be also punctuated the presentation of the theatrical “Tick” of the troupe Masrah Assoura (Morocco), “Al Kanasa» of the Thunderbolt (Tunisia) troop, ‘the street of thieves’ troupe factory of small utopias (France), «Estrilla de Sevilla» of the troupe”Tetaro Clásico de Sevilla”(Spain),”Pastor Davino Gongora» of the troupe Carreta of locos (Mexico) and “standing man” David Valère (Switzerland).

Festival-goers will also have to attend performances by the Nadi Almirate ‘Hia Welkayed» (Morocco), Adhoc troops “from exile in exile” (Switzerland), Anfass Masrahia “Assaalouk” (Morocco), and T.j. “Chiki O Ba Allal” (Morocco).

The menu of this event also includes the organization of a master class with Faouzi Bensaidi under the theme “theatre and cinema: two techniques, only one sensitivity?”, directed by art critic and writer Driss El Kori. There will also be an international symposium on “theatre and the city,” which will be hosted by academics and dramatic writers from Morocco, Iraq, Switzerland and Egypt, and lastly there will be a book signing ceremony by writers Khalid Amine, Mohamed Saif. Abdelkrim Bello, and Abbas Abdelghani Sayed Ali Ismail.

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